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Topic: Optimizing slideshow download size and image sharpening (script)

Some of you may have read something about optimizing JPEG compression like this and wondered what difference that might make to soundslides. Or else you might be a bit crazy like me and really care about image sharpening so that output sharpening is performed only after the image is resized.

If you are into these things, the question becomes how to put your optimized images into a soundslides export folder, given soundslides renames all its files. The solution I have developed is a python script that compares and then copies and renames the files using EXIF metadata.

Using this technique, I was able to reduce the download size by 2MB on this slideshow: http://www.damonlynch.net/shows/iran/

Is anyone interested in this? If so, let me know and I can copy and paste the script into here. I've run it only on Linux but I guess it could be trivially adapted to other platforms if those other platforms provide a library to read photo metadata.