Topic: Reprocess on fullscreen HTML5

So when I make a new project and I'm importing my images... I'm choosing a custom size 750x500px and also ticking the 'full screen enabled' option to apply.

(The images I'm importing are at 1000 px wide - which I then specify as the max width for full screen in the advanced parameters section)

But once the images & audio are processed.... I then select the 'IOS_html5' shell option and then click save, run a 'test' only to find that the 'fullscreen' option is now missing??  .......which means I need to then click 'output sizes' and again re-tick 'full screen enabled' .......which then reprocesses all the images again?

Am I missing something?  ......If I've clicked it in the initial set-up setting, why is it not sticking? .......is there a way to stop that second reprocess from happening?..... I wouldn't mind - but when you've sometimes got 500+ images it's taking ages!   

Does the 'save all settings as default' apply to the shell too?

Any help would be appreciated.... thanks.

On a separate note - You might have an influx of wedding photographers coming your way too, which finally prompted me to purchase and learn soundslides smile .....as the last recent flash update from adobe screwed over 'showit web' slideshows and they've now stopped selling & supporting the product.


Re: Reprocess on fullscreen HTML5

Hi Ben,

I'm sorry for the frustration. As you have discovered, changing the shell brings with it that shell's default settings. Any customization to settings you previously made were applied to the shell selected at the time (presumably the default shell). You can save all settings as default for your future projects if you wish by selecting "Save all settings as default" from the "Tools" menu. Here is additional information:

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … amp;id=106



Re: Reprocess on fullscreen HTML5

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your speedy reply smile

Well that's good to know the "save all settings as default" .......will work for future shows.

What with all ipads/iphones - I think I will be leaving it in the "IOS_html5" shell anyway.

Cheers Ben