Topic: Auto Pan & Zoom ?


I'm currently trialling your demo after a colleague recommended your software, mainly because of the benefit of using html5 for ipads & iphones etc.

I'm currently using showitweb..... I love it's speed & simplicity of use - but it's flash only!

Is there a way to automate the pan & zoom effect across all images ?

As I build slideshows with a huge number of images for clients, doing it one by one would be far too tedious a process.

All I want to be able to do is zoom in on one image & then zoom out on the next to the centre of each image by the same amount each time.

I also noticed that that zoom effect doesn't even start from the centre point?...... it seems to be starting from the top left-hand side?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Re: Auto Pan & Zoom ?

Thank you for trying the software. Unfortunately the pan and zoom is an image-by-image function. The movement functions were introduced to allow producers to zoom in on details of images and pan as necessary (you've probably seen this effect in Ken Burns' documentaries). The point you wish to zoom in on is entirely up to you. Here is additional information on using these functions:

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … amp;id=139