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Dear SoundSlide & Members-
I downloaded & created 1st test project. The functionality is close to what I need but missing following or may be I am ignorant here.
I want to have multiple albums with pictures. Every picture will have unique audio narration that I can record back to back and assign the audio part of each picture accordingly (using drag to adjust timing) So far so good.

Now when I play this content on full screen this is what I want-
1. Screen 1 - List of albums in thumbnail view.
When user touches or clicks the album, it should display the thumbnails of pictures contained in that album.
2. Screen 2 - Album contains that shows thumbnails of pictures within album.
When user touches/clicks on any picture, it should turn to full-screen and the audio of that picture should auto play.  To repeat, the audio should autoplay for the picture selected. i.e. The audio should play from the start-timestamp assigned on audio track for the album.
3. Screen 2- Full screen display of picture selected with corresponding audio narration.
From this full-screen mode, user should be able to navigate to previous or next picture in full-screen mode. Here again the audio should start playing automatically in real time as user is scrolling to next screen. User may not allow the audio assigned to previous screen finish, he may just scroll to next picture. In this case too audio should start from picture on screen.

I hope the requirement is clearly stated and understood smile
Currently what i see is, if I skip to next slide, the auto play STOPS and I again have to click the PLAY.
Secondly the navigation sequence/screen flow is not what I want. i.e. Album --> Thumbnail of pictures --> Full screen of picture selected with audio --> Previous/Next picture in full screen with its audio
Let me know if this is feasible with SoundSlides and HOW


Re: Audio slide narration that auto starts

Thank you for trying Soundslides.

The concept used in Soundslides is that there is a recorded audio track (often an interview or a source telling a story), and the images are displayed at set points in the audio track. What you are looking for sounds like the inverse of that: a clickable set of images with separate audio tracks, similar to a PowerPoint file. Unfortunately Soundslides does not create this kind of presentation.

Additionally, the level of custom interface design and functionality you are looking for is pretty far beyond what is available in off-the-shelf products. Unfortunately you will likely need to hire a developer to design the interface you are looking for.



Re: Audio slide narration that auto starts

Thanks Jonatham for reply.
Will it be feasible if I water down by requirement to-
Just a picture slideshow as we see mostly but with a audio/play sound control button on player. So after scrolling to the slide (next or previous) I will manually press this 'play audio' button to play the audio for that picture. So the audio will start playing from the timestamp assigned to the picture and will stop when audio for that picture is over.
Basically in this scenario I am forcing the user to push 'audio play' button on every slide/picture.


Re: Audio slide narration that auto starts

Unfortunately the only options are a standard audio slide show like I described above, a silent-play slide show (similar, but without sound), or a click-through slide show (also without sound).