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Topic: slideshow stops after a few images


I have had Soundslides Plus for several years and always upgrade when a new version comes out. I've never had problems making slideshows in the past. I use it primarily to make really simple slideshows without sound that viewers have to click through manually.  But now most of my slideshows are stopping after the first 5 to 10 images.  Sometimes you can view all the images, sometimes you can't. But you can always see the thumbnail versions of all the photos when you click on the "contact sheet" icon.

Here is one example that doesn't usually work on several different computers.:

http://natalieconnphotography.com/wethe … sh_to_web/

I don't know if it's an FTP issue or possibly something isn't happening correctly during exporting.? I have many slideshows to make in the next couple of weeks..would love any thoughts on this!



Re: slideshow stops after a few images

This is puzzling, as the symptoms you describe usually indicate missing or corrupted images on the web server, but the slide show you linked to loads normally and I am able to view all of the slides here. If the slide show is loading only some of the time, it's most likely an issue with the web server. If it's working on some computers and not others, it could be issues with those computers.



Re: slideshow stops after a few images

Thanks Jonathan. It's peculiar. For me the slideshows just stop with a white screen about 10 frames in. Sometimes they will start advancing again when you switch to "Full Screen" mode (often skipping a couple) but my photos aren't sized that big for web, so it's not very presentable that way and then it will just abruptly stop in that mode too. I thought maybe it was getting stuck on images that I had re-edited but the images I tweaked and re imported to Soundslides..aren't necessarily the ones that Soundslides can't "recognize". I tried resetting the zoom in my browser but it didn't effect anything.

It's just the fact that other people have had issues viewing my work too. I don't know their computer or browser set up but I want the images to be easily viewed regardless.

If you have any other thoughts about it- keep me posted.