Topic: Color change in title slides

http://www.storytellingonline.info/audi … ws/wd9bsa/

The title slides start playing with about 20 seconds left in the story.

These jpgs were saved from the same Photoshop file with various text layers turned on or off. The color of all the jogs when viewed in Photomechanic is consistent. However, after import into Soundslides, the flesh tone of the boy behind the grid is correct only in the second slide. In the other slides the color is consistent but wrong.

There is also a modest flash between the slides.

Any suggestions?


Re: Color change in title slides

Never mind. I fixed the problem. I updated the credit slides one-by-one. I had previously added them as a batch after putting my original imports into the bin trash. In the export from Lightroom to Photoshop, where I added the titles, Photoshop covered to the wrong color profile. I fixed that and reexported the jpgs. Somehow when I added the new ones, it didn't actually replace the bad color balance ones. Yes, I saved the project. However, when I updated them one at a time, the new jpgs did replace the old ones.

I replaced the transitions from cross-dissolve to straight cut, which got rid of the transition problem.


Re: Color change in title slides

Here is what I think I found. If you add a new slide that has the same name as one in the trash bin, Soundslides really uses the one in the bin. However, if you update the slide in the timeline, it will actually be replaced correctly. That's what I think is happening.


Re: Color change in title slides


Thanks for the note. We will definitely investigate this further. This is the first time we've heard of this issue.