Topic: Custom html5 issues

I have used Soundslides Plus before. I already have a custom index.html file that I was using, now I can not get it to work. When I replace the standard index.html file with the new one the body of the slideshow does not work. So I'm either left with a slideshow not customized, or a custom screen with now show. Please help. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I'm also on a new computer (Retina) not sure if that is causing any issues. Please advise.

Thank You


Re: Custom html5 issues

Instead of altering the standard Soundslides index.html file, you may find it easier to create your custom page elsewhere and insert the embedding code generated by the Soundslides player. Just add "?embedcode" to the end of the slide show's complete URL to access the built-in embedding code generator. For instance:


... would be ...


I don't think the Retina display is likely to be an issue in this case.