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Hello Soundslides, I am trying to post an html5 show to wordpress with no luck and have reverted to using the video converter, posting to you tube and then embedding in the blog which works but has functionality limitations as you know. I have no problem creating an embed code, and the show displays beautifully on the web and on an iphone /ipad when it is viewed independently from a link, but when I embed it into my wordpress theme it will  display in flash but will not Ipad etc and just shows a blank space. Is this an issue with my blogs theme, does it need an iframe plug in or need to be responsive itself, or is it an issue with the shell. this is driving me nuts, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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It sounds like you may have the older Flash-based embed code generated by the online embedding tool. For HTML5-compatible slide shows, you do not actually need the  embedding tool. You can just add "?embedcode" to the end of the slide show's complete URL to access the built-in embedding code generator. For instance:


... would be ...


You may also want to try using the new WordPress plugin instead of the traditional method. Here is additional information:

http://forums.soundslides.com/topic/375 … d-testers/



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Just curious, is there an advantage or disadvantage to using the WP plugin versus the embed code?

I've been having trouble with the plugin - if the publish to web folder is to big, you need to upload it manually, and that seems to be giving the plugin problems. I've posted my questions on the plugin support site but they seem to be slow to reply.

So, am I better off just using the embed code I wonder?


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Hi Will,

The WP plugin definitely still has some bugs that are being worked out so if you're comfortable using the embedcode that might be a better solution in the short term. We're hoping the plugin gets easier to use in the next few weeks.

The company that is working on that plugin has been a little slow to respond to support requests unfortunately. I'll try to send a direct email and see if we can move things along with the updates.



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Thanks Justin, hopefully they'll work out the bugs. When it works, the plugin is great smile

i don't know if this is a plugin issue or a Soundslides issue or a Wordpress issue, but since I have you smile

I've got a couple of Soundslides posted that work fine in Chrome, but not in Safari:
Two examples:
loads fine in Chrome
In Safari, it loads, but the edge is cropped off, and i get a popup warning

In Chrome, the top show loads, but is cut off
In Safari, it just crashes, and I get a long pop up with a ton of code on it. There are multiple embeds on this page, but it happened even when I had just a single Soundslides on a page.

If you could let me know if the problem is with Soundslides or not I can try to isolate the problem.

thanks much,


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The slide show at the first link appears normal and the same here in both Chrome and Safari. From your description, I think there may be an issue with your web browser's zoom function. The zoom function is problematic with the Adobe Flash plug-in, so you'll need to pull down the "View" menu in your browser to "Zoom," then "Reset" or "100%" to make sure you are viewing the page at standard size. The slide show should then appear as intended. The zoom function is specific to a particular page, which is why you might see this issue online and not on your hard drive, for instance. It is specific to your computer and does not affect the way your viewers see the slide show.

The top slide show at the second link is also fully visible here and all three slide shows can be played simultaneously in both Chrome and Safari. The top slide show is sized wider than the space allotted for it in your page template, however, so you may want to make it smaller so that it fits better. This could cause the slide show to be cut off, depending on how a particular browser renders this conflict.



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Thanks Jonathan. It's not a zoom problem on my computer, but I don't what's wrong. I tested it on my wife's computer and it plays fine in Safari as well, so it's obviously local to my machine.

Thanks for checking.