Topic: Can't open old project made in trial version

Sorry I haven't had time to paw through the community as there will doubtless be an answer previously posted...  but I have made an old presentation on trial version that I know wish to finish and publish and I cannot find it.

I can play the presentation (using Index and Small icons in the folder I set up for the final presentation) - but I cannot find images or audio or the .ssproj folder itself).

There is a possibility the complete project is on a memory stick - but I cannot get access to that for a few days and wondered in the meantime if it is possible to re-build the project from the information I have presently (don't understand how its playing ok yet there isn't an .ssproj folder for assets to play from - or is that just the .swf playing?)

Anyway - any help much appreciated.


Re: Can't open old project made in trial version

The complete project folder is necessary in order to open and edit the project with Soundslides. It sounds like what you have is the exported "publish_to_web" folder, which contains all of the files needed to play the slide show in a web browser. The complete project folder contains a few other crucial files the application needs, as well as the raw imported files needed for changing the size of the slide show, etc.

A search for "ssproj" should turn up the location of the complete project folder if you still have it.