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I used soundslides for my MA in Journalism final project. The task was to create a website featuring a news story.
I would like to share the result. Your feedback is much appreciated!

The site is found at http://londonair.mediaville.info


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Great concept, very well done! The fog layer that we scratch is a nice way to make people interact.

I miss bit of details, images not text. Like the dirty inside of the biker's mask. Well, maybe they are there and I didn't really noticed, maybe it's the mask one that stuck.

I guess the reason why you didn't use lower thirds for the "voice of" is that you used a demo version of soundlsides, right?


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Thank you for your comment. I agree the power of the SS is based on the imagery, yet I needed to go around this to convey a wider content, therefore I used some text slides. Now, the lower third for the "voice off", I used captions instead for the main characters, but quotes from the general public remained anonymous. I see your point.. I'l have it in mind next time.


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I like it. Yes, the interactive component is awesome.

I'm not a fan to too much text/captions AND hearing the voices too. Seems like too much of a distraction at times. Meaning I temporarily tune out to read the captions. But good job and good info.


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hi again!

I took into account all your comments, and had the opportunity to apply what I've learned on a project commissioned by the Environment Research Group at King's College London.
They wanted a series of slideshow featuring information about air pollution and health.

Here is the link to one of them, which is about climate change, air pollution and its impact on health.

... your thoughts are welcome, thanks!

http://www.londonair.org.uk/LondonAir/g … Video.aspx

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Well done! Sound, editing, post-processing, etc, all real smooth. Perhaps a bit too fast, could be just a little bit more slow- don't know, half to 1 sec/image, -maybe cutting off a few photos, but like I said, great job.

I think you should start a new thread on the forum to present this new work, some people wont look at replies but will at a new post.

Please, post any other audio slideshows you have made, I would love to see them. :)


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Thank you for your feedback.

I'm back here with another link to a work I have done with SS.

This time I'd like to draw your attention to how we can use the online video converter tool.

The following is a video posted on Youtube. It is an audio-slideshow story featuring a review of the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show 2012.

I tried to tell the story through the voice of exhibitors. I created it for a business to business magazine that reports on the international boat industry.

Please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcjGtPKPUYY

I look forward to your feedback.


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Hello! Would you be interested in a quik interview about your work with soundslides? I'm getting my masters in journalism and for my photojournalism class, I need to interview someone actively publishing soundslides! please let me know ASAP!