Topic: Odd Behavior

I think my problem probably has something to do with the theme I'm using in my WordPress blog. But, there seems to be some very strange behavior with all of my soundslide shows.The show seems to be shifted the upper left corner of the "embed" area. I don't really know the terms to use here to describe it, so I will give you a link http://www.thedigitaltrekker.com/2011/0 … f-a-king/. The point is there seems to be a large black gap around the right and bottom areas of the slideshow. This happens whether I'm using the Auto-scaling embed code or the Non-scaling embed code. When the slideshow is viewed on it's own page and not embedded in blog post it looks fine. http://www.thedigitaltrekker.com/multim … index.html

I am using the iO S_html5 template.

Any help would be great.



Re: Odd Behavior

Hi Matt,

The slide show looks fine here on all our test machines. From your description, I think it may be an issue with your web browser's zoom function. The zoom function is problematic with the Adobe Flash plug-in, so you'll need to pull down the "View" menu in your browser to "Zoom," then "Reset" or "100%" to make sure you are viewing the page at standard size. The slide show should then appear as intended. The zoom function is specific to a particular page, which is why you might see this issue online and not on your hard drive, for instance. It is specific to your computer and does not affect the way your viewers see the slide show.

Let me know if this does not fix the problem.