Topic: Apple Retina display compatibility (Mac OS X only)

UPDATE: This issue has been fixed with the release of Soundslides and Soundslides Plus version 1.9.5 on Sept. 26, 2012.

Unfortunately Soundslides and Soundslides Plus currently use third-party technologies that have not yet been made fully compatible with the Apple Retina display. Until we release a permanent fix, here is a temporary solution suggested by Apple:

1. Quit the application if it is currently open.
2. In the Finder, choose "Applications" from the "Go" menu.
3. In the "Applications" folder that opens, click the application's icon so it is highlighted.
4. Choose "Get Info" from the "File" menu.
5. Place a checkmark next to "Open in Low Resolution."
6. Close the window and relaunch the application.

Note: "Low Resolution" is Apple's new term for the normal 72 dpi resolution used by everything but the Retina display (including other Macs).