Topic: Fullscreen missing in htm5 shell


I've recently upgraded to the Plus version of Soundslides and, trying to finish my attempt of integrating soundslides in a responsive design, I've noticed that the html5 shell lacks the fullscreen option (one of the biggest reasons I had for upgrading to plus). The flash version does have this feature.

Before burring my head in all the code to try and enable fullscreen functionality for the shell, I'd like to know if this is a known issue and if there's any soon-to-be released fix for this. I'm running Soundslides Plus release 1543, with the iOS_html5 shell.



Re: Fullscreen missing in htm5 shell

Hi Andrei,

Unfortunately fullscreen HTML5/JS is still one of those features that just doesn't work very well on most devices yet. We will continue to look into ways to add this functionality, though.



Re: Fullscreen missing in htm5 shell

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately (or not), I have to stick to the html5 shell for my slides since the flash version doesn't resize at all to fit the responsive design, no matter what I do. I dug into it in the last hour and manage to get some sort of fullscreen functionality. For now, I only have it on a local testing machine, but after I'll check it up on a few browsers and a few mobile devices, I'll try to share some working results with you.