Topic: Wordpress embed question

I'm playing with a new WP theme and my Soundslides project is severely cropped. I redid the embed code with no change. I'm not sure if the problem is with me or the theme ( Graph Paper Press' new Gridspace theme).

any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

here's the link:



Re: Wordpress embed question

The theme you're trying to work with is a responsive one. There's one particular line of css that's needed for making embeds adapt their size, but it also causes the cropping issue you're facing now:

object, embed, video {
     max-width: 100%;
     height: auto;

This is highly connected to my previous post in this forum, over here. Unfortunately, the flash version doesn't support fluid widths and heights, but the html5 shell can easily be adapted to support it. I've also put up a partly-working demo of the responsive html5 shell in the aforementioned forum post.


Re: Wordpress embed question

I wondered if you guys had any thoughts on using responsive themes and Soundslides? Any plans for an update that would either build off of johnitsa's solution or something else?



Re: Wordpress embed question

We are actively exploring ways to better integrate Soundslides slide shows with Wordpress and Drupal content management systems. A responsive design solution is also very much on our radar, but there are some inherent problems with image sizes and scaling that need to be taken into account. We will be making an official announcement in the near future (on Twitter and Facebook).

As it stands, we do not have a solution for responsive design that has been thoroughly tested.



Re: Wordpress embed question

Thanks Jonathan. I didn't even know you were on Facebook and Twitter. I'll be looking forward to a solution.