Topic: Editing html5 shell to add analytics

Hi everyone,
I'm in the process of adding Google analytics to our slideshows and am uncertain how to proceed. I have looked at the code in the example tracking shell from the instructions and was wondering if I can add the two script portions of the code to the html5_compatible shell to make it a permanent template, basically marrying the tracking shell with the html5_compatible shell.

Is this feasable? Which portions of the tracking shell code do I need exactly?

Thanks in advance for the help.
Pat Christman


Re: Editing html5 shell to add analytics

Hi Pat.

Sorry for the delay. I was running some tests here to make sure this was indeed possible. It seems like everything should work, but I'd like to test here with your scripts if possible.

If you have an existing non-HTML5 shell that's working, can you send that along to support@soundslides.com?

I'd like to see it if possible to make sure that no alterations are needed within the javascript player.