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Hi there,

I want to be able to add my logo on top but still be html 5 compatible.   I also want to add a title on the bottom with connections to Facebook and twitter.

Text Title

I've read on the forum that using the my_paper shell and uploading different images can solve the logo issue... but will it still be html compatible in that shell?

I am using Komodo Edit to edit my html file and I figure I need to edit the iframe.html.

Are those assumptions correct?

My biggest issue is that when I edit the iframe file on my exported slideshow, I'm not seeing the changes. 

When in the process can I edit the files?  AFter export?  Once uploaded to web? 

I for sure want to make this a template too once I have figured it all out.

Sooooo, lots of questions.  Thanks so much in advance for the guidance.



Re: Noob here. Need help customizing shell

Hi rosaura,

Sorry for the delay.

You can modify the html5 compatible shell.  You'll want to edit the "index.html" file, not the "iframe.html" file.  If you open the index file, you'll see a DIV at the bottom of the file.  That's where the slide show is rendered.  You can add divs above or below that particular div.  Just don't change the name or id of the existing div.

You'll want to edit the file after exporting from Soundslides. 

If you get everything set, and you want to make this into a template, make the same edits in the "html5_compatible" folder in your application's "shells" folder. 

If you run into any issues, please let me know.


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Re: Noob here. Need help customizing shell

Hi again!

I seem to be super close but I have some final bugs in my slideshow.

Here is it in the current state:
http://www.rosaurasandoval.com/slidesho … icwedding/

My FB 'like' works but when it shows up it shows up on my FB wall I get:

      a) My logo as the visual and would really prefer it to be a thumbnail of the slideshow
      b) The title of the slideshow which I like
      c)  Garbled text as the description:
                                  > $ (function(){ /*------------------------------Console fix code --------------               -------------------*/if (window.console ||

Can someone PLEASE help.  I really need to finish this slideshow this weekend.  And I'm determined not to use Animoto anymore.

Thanks sooooo much!


Re: Noob here. Need help customizing shell


Figured it out:

I needed to use 'og' statements to make FB work!