Topic: Adding a Logo

Can anyone direct me to information about how to add my business logo above or below the show?

Thank you in advance


Re: Adding a Logo

You'll probably want to edit the "index.html" file in your "publish_to_web" to do this. However, be aware that you will need to keep a backup of the altered "index.html" file, since it will be overwritten with the original version if you export again.

Alternately, there is the "my-paper" shell, which includes a logo. More information on shells is available here:

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … amp;id=129

You can change the logo in the "my_paper" shell by opening the "Soundslides" folder in your "Applications" folder (if you have a Mac) or "Program Files" (Windows) folder, then opening "shells," "my_paper," and "_files." Inside you will find a file called "nameplate.gif." You can replace this with your own logo, as long as you use the same file name "nameplate.gif."



Re: Adding a Logo

I tried doing this (renamed my logo 'nameplate.gif' in the my paper shell) but the black bar hides (sits over) my logo. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Re: Adding a Logo

Can you provide a link? We should be able to spot the problem pretty quickly.