Topic: Poor Soundslides video quality

I have been adding soundslides video (converted via online upload) to my own video podcasts.

The image quality of the soundslides section of video in the podcast is very poor. It is poor whether the video is viewed full screen or at 'normal' size (approx 860x480)

Is there a way of converting and then adding a soundslides video to a larger edited video without losing image quality.

I don't want to stop using soundlsides but have found that making a video using the free Windows Live Moviemakerproduces far better quality results.

A link to one of the podcasts with a soundslides video within it is here: http://www.gazcook.com/love_town_podcasts.html


Garry Cook


Re: Poor Soundslides video quality

Hi Garry,

MP4 h246 compression is pretty good, however it doesn't always re-compress that well, at least at the exact same size.

Is the original MP4 (before it is imported into your own podcasts) looking ok?

We have an HD version of the converter we're testing. I'd like for you to try it.

http://video.soundslides.net/converter/ … 0110204HD/

Select the HD setting instead of DV and let me know how it goes.  FYI, for HD the movements are not supported at this time ... but your videos don't seem to use movements from what I can tell.



Re: Poor Soundslides video quality

Is the HD converted not availble to use anymore? I would like to use it.