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Topic: Sony PCM-D50 memory issue

My PCM-D50 is supposed to have 4GB of internal memory, though my memory fills up after only about 640 MB of recordings.

When I go through and clear out all the folders and erase everything, the folders will show up empty on the device and when I plug it into a computer, but the memory indicator on the display will show that I only have about a sixth of my memory available.

Anyone know where the rest of my memory is hiding? Or if there's a way to completely erase all of the internal memory?

I've had this recorder for about a year, and only use it occasionally. But this seems to be a newish problem, so I imagine it's something I've done and don't realize.


Re: Sony PCM-D50 memory issue

I'm cross-posting this in the audio forum, as that's where most of the audio folks "hang out".  I'm not sure how many people here have a PCM-D50 though, so you might try posting in a forum more heavily trafficked with Sony users.

Personally, I do seem to recall that a friend had to re-format his PCM-D50's disk every now and then, but I can't remember exactly why he said he had to do that.



Re: Sony PCM-D50 memory issue

If you have been using your computer to delete the files, you may have inadvertently created a hidden folder to hold "Trash" that is keeping copies of your deleted files and continuing to use up that disk space

Try reformatting the drive with the Sony PCM-D50.

You may be able to see this happening on a Windows computer if you adjust your settings to show "Hidden Files and Folders."  In any event, a reformat should solve this unless there is a problem with the internal memory iteself.


Re: Sony PCM-D50 memory issue

I thought i was the only one having this problem. I just checked the trash folder and it seems that it's all there.


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Re: Sony PCM-D50 memory issue

I want to acquire a memory stick for a PCM-D50.  Reliability, smoothness, and quickest transfer speed to my computer (if there is any difference) are important to me.  So, I was going to get a 4GB MS pro-hg duo, but I've noticed there is a MS pro-hg duo HX available,  both 4GB and 8GB.  Can anyone give me any recommendations?  Should I stick with the plain HG duo, or get an HX?  I'd really rather be safe than sorry.24hr-printer-cartridges.com 

thanks in advance