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I asked for this years ago, and it's cost me so many countless hours of work just over one little parameter.

Please, PLEASE change the maximum image width from 1280 to 1920. With the video exporter, this is an ideal way to quickly make slideshows that clients can play on their televisions, or I can play on mine for client meetings. But to get 1080p I have to recreate the whole slideshow again in FotoMagico. I love this program, but this one little thing is making me bang my head against the wall.


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Hi Ryan.

I'll revisit the decision to limit it at 1280 again. Previously the concern was that the Flash Players couldn't smoothly render 1920 wide images on most (if not all) machines. I'll take another look and see what can be done.



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I'd like to second that motion and also table the idea of introducing the 16:9 format to both soundslides and video converter.


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You can set your images to a 16:9 ratio using the "custom sizes" feature in Soundslides. Here is more information:

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … &id=34

This same ratio will translate to video if you use the converter.

The issue Joe was dealing with was width, and whether the Flash player could reliably render images at 1920 pixels wide. Previously the limit seemed to be 1280, where a 16:9 ratio would be 1280x720.



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I tried that, Jonathan, but it didn't work with the lower thirds. They just run partially out of frame and I get black borders at top and bottom.


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I've added a 16:9 option to the online converter, and I've also added image movement capabilities. If you still get an issue with the LTs, post the download URL and I'll take a look.