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Whenever I adjust the browser zoom setting when viewing a SoundSlides presentation my text/images get unfortunately cropped. This isn't a huge issue for me, as I know that's what's happening. However it is an issue for any of the end-users of my site who perhaps aren't as savvy or have impaired vision. Is there an option I can tick in order to allow for proper text scaling of my embedded SoundSlides presentations? If not an export option, is there a workaround in order to add support for different browser zoom settings?

Example of what I want:




Re: Browser Zoom Support

Hi Donovan,

There's no workaround that I know of; at least the last time I visited this issue.

I'll have to take a look at this again, probably in the next week or so. The main issue isn't actually how Flash zooms the text, but rather the images. Even with the workaround you linked, the images are still zoomed inconsistently, at least on Firefox and Safari on Mac.



Re: Browser Zoom Support

Thanks for the information. Please let me know if anything changes.