Topic: Publish in Hebrew & Arabic - Text problem


I am trying to publish a slideshow with text in Hebrew and Arabic and the text is getting disconnected and turned around.  Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Or a better program for Hebrew & Arabic?



Re: Publish in Hebrew & Arabic - Text problem

Hi Jessica.

The default Flash-based player does not render R-to-L text properly; this is a long standing issue with how Flash deals with dynamic text.  Our HTML5-based version of the player should handle it properly.  You'll need to install a shell template in your Soundslides installation in order to try it.

Here's the HTML5-only shell:
http://media.soundslides.com/release/sh … 5_only.zip

Download that file, then unzip it.  Then copy that file to your "shells" folder.  The "shells" folder is located with the application in either your Program Files directory (on Windows), or in your Applications folder (on Mac).

The HTML5 player was designed mainly to work on non-Flash devices like the iPad, but it will work in all major browsers as well. There are a few limitations to the HTML5 template, mainly the lack of image movement.

I hope that helps.