Topic: Slide transition wipe

Hi I am looking for how to made a slide transition mode as wipe from right to left and fix in the slideshows. Here is a javascript of what I am talking about http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry … ample.html

is the example 3.
I don't want to use in my SS presentations the typical transitions that are installed in the SS plus.

Thank you in advance if anyone can help with this.


Re: Slide transition wipe

Hi Delmi.

Unfortunately that transition isn't possible at this time. I like the "wipes", and may try to add it in a future update, but there's no way to do it now in Soundslides or Soundslides Plus.  Sorry.



Re: Slide transition wipe

Thank you Joe, pity for that, wipes is a elegant presentation of pictures in the galleries. But I have some friends that perhaps can help with the developing. It is possible or you don't have time or don't want?.
;0) delmi