Topic: Plays during TEST, but not when live


When I do TEST in the appliation, it works.  The play triangle and be pressed and the slideshow will start.  However it does not play when I uploaded the files to my server.  You can press the play triangle and it shows the underlying buttons (beginning+pause buttons) appear for a second only.  But there is no advancement.

Even when you advance the slides manually, the slideshow bar does not move/advance to show you where you are in the slideshow.

Any Ideas ?


Re: Plays during TEST, but not when live

Hi jw.

Wow, that's weird. It appears there's something preventing the mp3 file to load properly, at least with Firefox on Mac and on our debugging tool.  It is loading, but doesn't trigger the "ready" response.

On Safari on Mac, it's even more strange. Not even the HTML file will load here; just a blank page appears.

Do you by chance have some sort of "hotlink" protection enabled for either the "engagement" or "andrea_atkinns" folders?  From first glance, the mp3 and swf files are behaving in a manner that's consistent with what I've seen in the past from an overly restrictive hotlink protection setup on the server.

If that's not what's going, try re-uploading to a completely new directory. If that doesn't resolve it, I'd like to see the publish_to_web folder and check it out here.



Re: Plays during TEST, but not when live


New folder, with a new export.  No difference.

Funny enough, when I take out the mp3, it actually works:  http://jwphotography.ca/engagement/andr … nns_nomp3/

what are you referring to about a 'hotlink' ?

and how can i send you the publish to web folder to look over ?

let me know what you think.


Re: Plays during TEST, but not when live

I'll send you an e-mail with instructions for uploading the "publish_to_web" folder.