Topic: "Visions & Tunes" ~New "Week-In-The-Life-Of" Exhibit ~ Irish Musicians

Soundslides Creatives:  One week last July, I spent Sunday night thru 6:15 am Saturday morning, at CIAW, 'imbedded' with Irish musicians, working on a modest artist's stipend again.  Did I cut back after last year's extensive exhibit? Not at all. 40 Chapters in this 'edition' with projects running from 3.5 to 12.5 minutes.  All with live sound recorded concurrently with the image capture.
The fast connection edition has the standard screen and an audio 256 MP3 bit rate that sounds impressive through auxiliary speakers.
The slower connection edition has the ‘blog-size’ screen and a 48 bit MP3 audio.
The “full-screen” flash versions feature improved 14” wide images on my monitors' screens. On a laptop, probably a 12" wide display.
Since it was recorded with binaural mics, headphones are great for you-are-there ambiance. 
I suggest skipping around this time rather than watching chronologically.   
Strictly captured entirely in ambient light ; even at 3 or 4 am. 
Days progress from classes to late afternoon sessions [and special lectures] to evening concerts, and finally the traditional Irish music sessions lasting until the late-early morning hours.  The one thing attendees [including me] lack as the week progresses: sleep.  Hope you enjoy.  Feedback welcome.   CIAW 2010.
Link:  http://www.timraabnorthern.com/festivals.php