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Hey people,
I'm not sure if it's discussed already, but i couldn't find it. So this is my problem (question); if i make a slideshow on for example 800x600px and i use zoom movement, the quality of the photos is pretty bad. It's logic because the program is resize the images. So zooming means you see the photo on 100+ %.
Is there a solution to resize the images for example to 1600x1200 en fit them in a 800x600 player? So when you zoom you will see at maximum 100% quality and not 100+%. I already finf out that i can change the values in the *.xml file. My idea, change the slideshow to 1600x1200px by custom size. Open the *.xml file and change the player values back to 800x600px, does somebody know if this work proper. Or maybe is there a easier way...
Hope somebody got a good solution...


Re: Image size

Hi Lars,

You can substitute in higher resolution files into the "custom" folder.  You do not need to change the slide show dimensions.

Try it with one image.  Just add a 1600x1200 version of your image into your publish_to_web's "custom" folder, then open the html file in a browser.  You should see the higher res file being used.

There's no need to alter anything in the xml file.



Re: Image size

Thnx Joe!

Sounds logic and easy, I'll gonna give it a try!!

- Lars