Topic: Election Night Fun

I covered the Democrats' election night party in New York City last night while my talented colleague Jen Rynda covered the Republican candidate in Buffalo. N.Y.

In between our assigned work - moving photos back for the web, a photo gallery, photos on deadline for print and a video - we teamed up to produce a series of iPhone dyptychs.  It was by far the most fun of the evening smile.



Re: Election Night Fun

Hi Will,
Thanks for sharing this -- I continue to be impressed by what an Iphone can do! In the hands of the right people of course.

These are really fun, some really nice images and paired well, a very creative way visual way to compare/contrast. And the audio is interesting too, funny how they seem to echo each other. I'm sure it could be edited a bit smoother, but overall great concept, well-executed.

Thanks for sharing!