Topic: Setting the timing of photos

I have a question that I hope I can articulate.

If I am building a slideshow with 21 photos and each are 5 seconds each.

Then I decide I want the last slide(photo) to be 20 seconds - I would think I can click and drag and make it display for 25 seconds. Assuming I can - I would want SoundSlides to reduce the other 20 image display times from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.

But instead it shaves off that 20 seconds from the next to last photo instead of equally subtracting it from the other images. 

In order for me to shave off that 20 seconds I have to manually click and drag the edge of 20 images and try to shave off one second each.

Can't this be automated?  Or am I am missing some technique that can so this easily ?


Re: Setting the timing of photos

Unfortunately, you're either going to have to drag each of the earlier photos or enter new in points. There is a function to spread the images AFTER a given point equally, but not one to spread the images BEFORE a given point equally. Here is additional information on image timing:

http://support.soundslides.com/index.ph … amp;id=142



Re: Setting the timing of photos

Thank you..
I wish we can select some images from the timeline and spread time evenly between them.

Appreciate your time and the link - I will study the info there more closely



Re: Setting the timing of photos

Could this be a solution ?

If they want the last slide to be on screen for 20 seconds, and assuming they don't have to keep the show's length at 105 seconds ( 21 pix @ 5 sec each ), could they simply add 15 seconds of time to the end of their MP3 file?

When they re-import the audio file, remembering not to throw out the old one first, the last photo will expand to take up the extra time. I believe the 14 other photos will remain where they were.


Re: Setting the timing of photos

Changing the audio file is the key to a workaround. First you need to drop the last slide into the bin, leaving you with just the 20 slides you want to shrink from 5 seconds to 4 seconds apiece.

Now re-import a new audio file that is only 80 seconds long. You'll get warning messages and your last few slides will get dumped into the bin. Bring them back (they'll be stacked at the end) and then "spread images equally." If everything worked, you should have 20 images with 4-second durations.

Now re-import the original 100 second audio file. The 20th slide will go from a duration of 4 seconds to 24 seconds.

Finally, drag slide 21 from the bin onto the timeline, with the line placed at 80 seconds. You can fine-tune if you don't get it exactly right.

That should work about as well as anything else ...